Lab #7 Write Up

Name: Adam Coate

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #7

Lab Overview

Problem #1: This problem Asked me to rework the distance formula problem by creating a block. I created a block that takes 4 x and y values and puts them into the distance formula.

Problem #2: For this problem I had to create a script that converted feet into inches or miles depending if it is less that or greater than 5280 feet. To do this I created a block that would automaticly convert the number into miles or inches.

Problem #1

Problem #2


Question #1: One benifit is that you can just put the block in to make something to multiple things. You only have to define it once so it saves space.

Question #2: Parameters are the extra spaes you can add to a block you create in order to make t do more things.

Question #3: Distance formula and mid point formula.

Question #4: When you just want the the sprite to move a given distance.

Question #5: I think that the program gets peoples names and puts them into a list in alphabetical order. I can assume this based off of the names of the blocks.