Lab #2 Write Up

Name: Adam Coate

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #2

Lab Overview

Problem #1: This problem required me to make a forever loop where I hade a sprite with my name in it change costumes. I did this by getting a forever loop and putting the next costume block and a wait block inside it.

Problem #2: This problem required me to make a forever loop of a sprite drawing a hexagon. To do this I got a forever loop and used glide blocks to make him go in the shape of a hexagon.

Problem #3: For this problem I had to test out four different scripts and see which ones got the boy to move 100 spaces. I found ouut that the first two scripts got the boy to move 100 steps.

Problem #1

Problem #2

Problem #3


Question #1: There are three different loops, repeat, forever, and repeat until. Repeat repeats the action a set number of times, forever goes on forever, and repeat until repeats until a certan message/ action happens.

Question #2:You should you the repeat block because you can change it whenever you want.

Question #3: The following structure would say "Forever loop!" Then it would say "Forever and ever!!!" Forever

Question #4: You can tell a sprite to start an action by setting a key to certan actions or by using the if ____ then _____ block.

Question #5: Yes, the two are just in different order.