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Entry #7

Today I ditched the dumb food review idea and went back to the Roblox idea. THis is because we got Roblox to be unblocked by the administrators. However, we can't download the client. Mr. Davis said that he will work on this issue. Meanwhile, we decided to work on ideas for the map of the RPG. We have gathered a decently sized group of people and will begin production soon. We have some basic map ideas layed out. My main job will be to create weapons and armor. I will also be contributing by giving my ideas. Lets hope that we can fix the issue with the download.

Entry #6

Today we decided that the previus project was gooing poorly and decided to stop working on it. My new project is going to be a web page dedicated to reviewing and advertising food that I have eaten. Because I have little time in class today all I can do is lay out the groundwork for the website. The reviews will be critisized based on taste and presentation. I hope to get some reviews done next week.

Entry #5

We recently learned that we will not be granted access to Roblox due to the many games the website has. We decided that will will use the class time to discuss and brainstorm while we work on the project at home. So far we have started to work on the map for the game.

Entry #4

10/23/15: Today we were still locked out of Roblox. We are tr ying to use google translate once again, but it does not work. RIP Roblox, Help us Mr. Davis.


10/16/15: Today we were locked out of Roblox again. so we decided to email our teacher Mr. Davis and ask him for access again. While we waited we discussed some of the aspects of the game such as characters and setting.


10/9/15: Today we tried to get access to Roblox, unfortunatly it was blocked by the school district. So, to fix our problems we requested access. While we waited for their response we tried to get on the website using google translate. It did not work. Next week we will actually be able to lay out the base of our game.

ENTRY #1: Project Goals

10/2/15: Google 20 is a plan started by google that made it required that all workers spend 20% of their time working on their own projects. This program led to the creation of many things such as gmail and Adsense. Zak and hope to create a gladiator arena game using the lua language. We will do this by using the Roblox Studio. If we complete the arena quickly we will move on to expand the world. We hope to create a full medieval world. We chose this project so that we could create a fun gamethat people could enjoy. I hope that I can learn the basics of game disign by completing this project. We will need to learn the lua language and figure out how the engine works. We will need to learn this so we can make our game. We will learn this stuff by looking on the wikis and fourms. I think that the hardest part will be learning the new language.