Lab #8 Write Up

Name: Adam Coate

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #8

Lab Overview

Problem #1-A: In this problem we had to calibrate your finch robots. We created blocks named moveForward, moveLeft, moveBack, and moveRight. After that we had to create a variable named blocked, this variable would determine where the obstacle was and where to go.

Problem #1-B: The first thing we had to do was get our finch to move in a square. To do this we used a combination of moveForward and move Right commands. We also made it tso when the speed of the finch is 0 it will say, "My break is down." To get our finch to move when there os an obstacle we used the light sensors. When the sensors trigger the finch moves backwards and turns around. To make our finch do a figure 8 we had it alternate between moveLeft and moveRight.

Calculator: To make the calculator we made four blocks (one for each function) and four variables. The sprite will ask the user what his two numbers are. After you imput your numbers you can change the function by clicking on the sprites on the bottom. This was very similar to the distance formula problem.