Lab #1 Write Up

Name: Adam Coate

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #1

Lab Overview

Problem #1: This problem asked me to get my sprite to move around the border of the screen. So I simpily used the "glide to" block to make it go to the corners of the screen.

Problem #2: For this problem I had to get six sprites to go into the shape of a hexagon. I made it so when I pressed the green flag all the sprites would go to (0,0) and then go out to set coordinates.

Problem #3 For this problem I had to get my sprite to draw three shapes. I did this by getting my sprite to use the pen tool and told him to glide to different coordinates to create a square, a triangle, and a hexagon.

Problem #3 link

Problem #2 link

Problem #1 link


  1. Question #1
    • I knew most of the blocks inside of the scratch animation. I think that there is more sprites than stages available because most of the time you will need more sprites then you will stages.
  2. Question #2
    • The screen size is 480 x 360. The center of the screen is (0,0) scratch uses coordinates as their way of finding somethings position